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Richard Bellamy - Played by David Langton

Lady Marjorie - Played by Rachel Gurney

James Bellamy - Played by Simon Williams

Ellizabeth Bellamy - Played by Nicola Pagett

Lady Prudence Fairfax - Played by oan Benham

Sir Geoffrrey Dillon - Played by Raymond Huntley

Georgina Worsley - Played by Lesley-Anne Down

Hazel - Played by Meg Wynn Owen

Virginia -Played by Hannah Gordan

William Hamilton - Played by Johnathen Seeley

Alice Hamilton - Played by Anne Yarker

"Their are two families in this house, there is us, the Bellamys and then there is the family downstairs.With father Hudson,mother Bridges and their son Edward.Then there's the oldest daughter Rose and the youngest daughter Ruby."-Hazel metaphorically speaking about downstairsEdit


Mrs Bridges - Played by Agela Baddleley

Mr Hudson - Played by Gordan Jackson

Rose Buck - Played by Jean Marsh

Sarah Moffat - Played by Pauline collins

Thomas Watkins - Played by John Alderton

Daisy - Played by Jacqueline Tong

Edward - Played by Christopher Beeney

Frederick - Played by Gareth Hunt

Ruby - Played by Jenny Tomasin