A Lady/A Lord

This is the highest position in the household.It can only be obtained by being married into or born into a noble household in 165 Eaton place this is The Southwald family.

  1. They wear fine materials such as silks and velvets.
  1. They visit country houses and own estates.
  1. They are influential,Lords are usually in Parliament.
  1. They sit at a large table for meals that is covered in a white cloth and set with silver,crystal or fine china. A variety of dishs prepared by the cook are served by the servents (Usually the Butler and headhouse parlourmaid)
  2. They drink cherry in coctails glasses but alcoholic beverages such as beer are frowned upon.This can be served by the Butler but occasionally they will serve themselves in this regard.
  3. A lady has her hair brushed/styled and her clothes packed/unpacked for her by her ladys maid.She is dressed by by her ladys maid including having this servent tye jewels round her neck.A Lord has a man servent dress them but can have a footman dress them.
  4. The nobility have many things done for them including the cleaning of the house,taking care of the children,dressing,decorating the house,driving and even puting toothpaste on a toothbrush!
  5. A Lady (and sometimes a Lord) informs her cook of who is to attend the house for meals and what she would like.She watchs the servents costing for each ingredient carefully in case of theft or "fiddling" of account for servent financial gain.
  6. A visiter who is a Lord or Lady comes through the front door and has their coat taken by a man servent or Ladys maid.They are then announced by the Butler to the Household nobility.